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Studio 48 Updates!

As you can imagine, things have really gotten busy since our move to the new studio space. And with so much happening I need to take a moment to tell you all about it!

Moving to a new space has enabled us to offer a more expansive range of options, and opened up the potential for a range of new and exciting collaborations with different artists.

Our previous space, which allowed me to offer children’s classes for years with great success, was while a superb space that I cherished, it was definitely smaller. But now with more room, we’re able to do so much more!

New Artists

One of the most exciting new developments is the ability for different artists and tutors to come in and offer classes. And we’ve already been having great success with Rosemary Taylor in this capacity.

A highly regarded art teacher, Rosemary has years of experience working in both public and private settings. Plus as someone who worked across multiple mediums, she’s able to offer a variety of classes for adults, including both weekly and one off sessions for watercolour, mixed media, and sketchbooks. And even more to come!

Opening up this space also means opening people to unique and exciting ways of approaching art, which is exactly what another one of our new tutors, Kaisa Hart, is doing. Kaisa is an abstract artist, who is offering a selection of creative and fun classes such as Abstract Paint and Sip, where you’ll be able to relax with some wine, and create your very own abstract piece. These classes have been a huge hit so far, and we’re hoping to continue offering them on a regular basis.

New Activities

Off the back of this success, I’ve been inspired to try and dream up new ways we can make the most of this amazing space, and this will include offering the space out for people to book for hen parties! If you’re looking for something a little more gentle for your hen party, whilst still being a fun and memorable evening, this is the perfect choice for you.

We’re still ironing out some of the details, but we’ll be announcing more soon and letting you know how you can arrange and book a hen party at Studio 48. Similarly, we’re also making the studio available for anyone who is searching for a space for team building and bonding activities, as art and creativity is a great way to achieve that.

Of course we still have our main offering of children’s classes for a range of ages, which is why we’re very excited about the children’s birthday party options we’re able to offer in this new studio space. An art themed birthday party is a great way to create something unique and memorable, whilst everyone has a fun time letting their imagination’s run wild! Our arts & crafts themed parties are suitable for children 6 years old and up, with group sizes of up to 16, and we’re more than happy to tailor things to your specific needs.

The studio is also available to be rented out to any artists who need a space to run their class. I know how difficult it can be to find suitable space in Edinburgh to run a class, and I'm really happy to be able to share this space with other artists.

If you are interested in attending or running a class at the studio, or have any further questions, you can reach me via email at

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