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about sally-ann

Sally-Ann Johns graduated from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen in 1999 with a BA (Hons) in Design and Craft. She then went on to receive her Masters in Product and Furniture from Edinburgh College of Art 2007. Sally-Ann now uses her fabrication skills to create beautiful and unique pieces of art using bendy ply and gold leaf. She has been working in the arts for over 10 years, exhibiting internationally and teaching a wide range of courses.


‘These pieces started as a side project while I was studying product and furniture design at Edinburgh Art College. I was designing lighting and became fascinated with capturing light with the least intervention possible. So, I built a round frame and lined it with gold. One day I was just sketching for pleasure a bluebird, I mounted it in the gilded frame - and they have since taken off a life of their own to become this wonderful collection.' 

'Each piece is a pastel drawing surrounded with golden leaf, encased in a handcrafted black or white lacquered gold-lined frame. I make the frames in my studio, as it is important that I not only create the art but the frame in which it is held.

For me, the circle symbolises the sacred nature of life and the spark of divinity that exists in each of us, even in the smallest of creatures such as the sparrows and the blue tits.' 


'The frame catches the light, and the light bounces around inside the frame. The result is such that the viewer is invited to consider another realm within the case - the art changes as the light in the room does.’

I am represented by the following galleries. Click on the links below to see what works are available.

Mercurelli Gallery, Glasgow

Byard Art, Cambridge 

Wychwood Art, Oxfordshire

Union Gallery, Edinburgh

Aubergine Art, Wimbledon, London 

Signet Gallery, Chelsea, London

Sally-Ann has pieces in collections worldwide, New York, London, Amsterdam, Dubai and Singapore.​


I send out the odd email with stories about my inspiration as well as news about new collections and exhibitions you might be interested in. 

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