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Summer Recap - Camping and Art

As autumn gets into full swing I’ve found myself looking back on what was a refreshingly relaxing and enjoyable summer. Definitely something I think we all needed after the last year and a half!

One of the best parts of this year so far has been being able to get out and enjoy the outdoors through camping. It’s something that we’ve always enjoyed doing, and this year we unusually saw lots of new campers exploring the joys of camping.

We were able to get away to the Isle Of Mull, and it was such a lovely experience! It’s a wonderful place, and being able to explore amongst the wildlife was great. One highlight was definitely being able to get up close with the otters, as well as the deer and the sheep in the play parks. There was even an otter crossing, which yes, we did get to see an otter going across!

We were also able to go to one of our favourite spots by camping at Comrie Croft twice. It’s a wonderful spot to take the family, especially as the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre is nearby, and is a great spot for a day trip.

More than anything it was nice to be able to escape from the city, enjoying some glorious weather and the outdoors. Lockdown has been a trying time, especially for families who like to get outdoors, and so this was a more than welcome getaway for us.

Meanwhile, closer to home, it was really nice to be able to go see some art up close again at the National Gallery Of Modern Art in Edinburgh!

The exhibition portion of our visit to the gallery was definitely more for adults, but if you’re interested in going, the tremendous Issac Julien exhibition studying the life and times of Frederick Douglass will be running until October 10th. If you’re going with your family, there will still be plenty for the kids to do, we definitely enjoyed visiting the garden and playing there.

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